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preventing the spread

We understand our guests are eager to see our 16 month-long renovation and enjoy meals from Olesia in person! We ask guests to maintain safe distances from each other while inside the restaurant. Please be patient with our team as we navigate our new business footprint while following the state recommendations. We will listen to our guests and welcome any suggestions if anyone should feel that their health or safety is compromised.

Olesia's Taverne of Richfield

complying with the ohio restaurant promise

• We will continue to be a leader in safe sanitation practices with all team members carefully following the high safety and sanitation standards required to operate a food service business in Ohio.
• We will provide approved COVID-19 education to all employees, and mandated employees will be up to date on all person in charge requirements and manager certification requirements.
• Employees will perform a daily symptom assessment and stay at home if they are symptomatic.
• We will post a list of COVID-19 symptoms in a conspicuous place.
• All indoor and outdoor seating options will comply with the appropriate social distancing and maximum party size guidelines; we will establish and post a maximum dining area capacity.
• We will utilize signage and/or floor markings to help customers understand and comply with social distance guidelines in common areas.
• Employees will wear facial coverings (except those exempted).
• Employees will regularly wash their hands.
• Hand sanitizer or hand cleaning materials will be available in common areas, including an entrance sanitization station
• We will clean and sanitize regularly, including all high touch areas at least every two hours. Every evening, Olesia’s Taverne will undergo a thorough sanitation and cleaning by staff and professional cleaning personnel.
• We will clean and sanitize tabletops, menus, and chairs between each seating. All guest books and pens will be sanitized.
• We will temporarily close or have employees manage salad bars and buffets.
• We will temporarily remove self-service, table, and common area items. When available and possible, tables will have barriers.
• We will post the Ohio Restaurant Promise at our entrances so everyone understands the steps we all must take to keep our communities safe.

• Our patio servers and our carryout servers will be operating in separate spaces and will not cross contaminate carry out or patio service in anyway.
• We will be using disposable menus on the patio until further notice.
• Our patio includes safe and large entrance and exit areas.